About Becky Karush

I am a writer, copywriter, and family woman. I came up through newspapers and magazines, with road trips to teaching and farming, and I’ve run my business, BeckyK Creative Marketing, since 2012. I have been a trained Gateless Writing teacher since 2016.

My family is Gus, my son, and he is 7; Bob, my husband, and he is a writer, too; and Wendy, my mom, who lives in our basement grotto. (It is somewhat nicer than it sounds.) We are all readers. Three of us are introverts; one of us loves meeting new people. Right now we are reading Shirley Jackson’s Raising Demons to Gus. (A lot nicer than it sounds.) We live in New Hampshire and have a yard full of ideas.

Work with me

I provide professional writing and editing services, and I coach folks who want to be more themselves on the page. Or finally get long-dreamed-of projects done!

Come on over to my copywriting and Gateless Writing coaching website for all that info.

When you work with a certified Gateless Writing teacher and coach, i.e., me, you get:

  • Support and tools to enjoy your work, grow solid confidence, complete projects, and move the work into the world

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Group writing salons

  • Gateless Writing feedback on work-in-progress

  • Connection to the nationwide community of Gateless Writers and teachers.

Send me a note if you’d like to talk more. I’d love to meet you!